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Nonprofit Social Media Strategy- Fundraising

Do you have a social media strategy for your fundraising? If not, you should have a separate content strategy to share on your platforms specifically catered towards fundraising. 

If you are already sharing events, programs and update on your organization, you are doing great. All that is needed is to sprinkle in some content specific towards your fundraising. 

Here are some content ideas for social media fundraising: 

1. Education

If someone came across your social media channel, is it clear why your organization exists? People want to know what the problem is that you are addressing. For example, let’s say your organization seeks to end homelessness. People want to know- what are people homeless in the first place? Think of any common myths people have about your area. People want to know why is there a housing crisis? What is housing first and how is that a potential solution? 

When  sharing information, you want to connect to the head and the heart. The head is logical- stats, figures, studies that back up your cause. The heart is emotional and people driven- lived experience, impacts, struggles of those you seek to help. 

2. Donations

Here us out, you should be asking directly for money. Feels wrong to ask for money directly? Don’t feel like a sketchy salesman. Studies continue to show that people are more likely to act if you ask. Since people have smaller attention spans, the more direct of a call to action you have the better chance of success. 

There are many ways to go about this. Does your organization need socks to support your homeless shelter? Let’s say you know it costs $50 to provide enough socks for 1 month. Then you just need to get on social media and ask people to donate, letting them know $50/month provides socks for the entire shelter. 

Make sure your social media profile includes a quick link directly to your online donation platform so people can act immediately after engaging with your content. If you do not have quick online donations- you should. But that is a topic for another day. 

3. Infographics

Presenting information on social media has its challenges. The best way to showcase stats and statistics is through infographics. You can explain systems, cause & effect, and summarize an important study in a way that is accessible to your audience. 

Best practices for infographics include using white space, keeping text simple and use as little as possible. Please avoid click bait by pulling stats out of context to make a bigger statement- building trust is more important that attracting views on your one post. 

There are lots of content creation platforms like Canva (our personal favorite) to make your infographics quickly. 

4. Your Impact

Don’t just keep your results to yourself- invite your followers to celebrate your achievements. Share numbers, testimonials- anything that showcases the impact you are creating in the community. This is so crucial as a means to engage your existing supporters. You want supporters to know exactly where there money has gone, and the impact it has made. The better you can explain this the easier it will be to retain donors, get new monthly donors and have a solid volunteer base. 

Creating content is time consuming, but if you plan to incorporate 1 post per week into your existing content plan specifically for fundraising, you will soon see a more engaged and generous supporter base. 

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