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What Can I Get a Grant For?

Getting into grant as a non-profit or business can seem overwhelming. There are so many grant available but finding them and knowing what can be available for grants is confusing. 

There are some areas that commonly have grants that you may not have heard of before. 

1. Rent & new furniture

For our Canadian readers, the federal government offered a wide variety of grants to help both for-profit and non-profit organizations pay for rent and furniture to run operations. These grants can be ongoing for 3-5 years, or can be a one-time investment in your organization.

2. A New website

Yes, you read that right. Many businesses and non-profits are unaware of the numerous grants available to fund building a new website or updating your current website with SEO. There is a huge shift to get organizations and businesses online to help them grow, and build the economy in the process. 

3.  Attending Conferences

Attending international or domestic conferences can get expensive really fast. But they are without a doubt one of the best ways to network within your industry and build your knowledge base. There are numerous grants available that cover the cost of attending domestic conferences one-time, or funding half of your international conferences for a year as a part of your international business development plan. 

4. Capacity Building- consultants and/or staff training

Sometimes you just need to build capacity, whether that is through hiring a consultant to help with your social media, website, fundraising, or other areas that you need to better within your organization, there is a grant for that. Grants are commonly listed under the title of capacity building, but grant programs exist from funding training for staff to hiring on consultants. 

5. Fundraising 

For both non-profits and for-profits, fundraising is extremely time consuming but essential for your survival. There are lots of grant programs in a wide variety that help cover the costs of fundraising or to hire a consultant. 


Grants are a great strategy to utilize to help boost your business without wasting precious funds. Especially when it comes to boosting your online presence, it is extremely helpful to have a grant to help fund a successful project. 

If you are needing help getting into the world of grants, contact us for a free initial assessment to see what options are available.

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